Army allows soldiers to wear masks while in uniform when air quality is poor in South Korea

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Troops should also modify outdoor activity when the air quality hits dangerous levels adding that indoor use of the masks was not authorized. South Korea has long suffered from a phenomenon known locally as yellow dust which refers to contaminated fine sand particles that blow from the desert regions of China and Mongolia. this is disgraceful and falls far below the standards expected of british army soldiers. SHOCKING footage has emerged showing Brit Paras using a picture of Jeremy Corbyn for target practice. The unacceptable footage has gone viral after it was posted on social media with the British Army today confirming a full investigation has been launched. This is the shocking moment four British soldiers appear to use a picture of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as target practice. Some on social media have suggested the footage is fake but the MoD confirmed it is treating it as legitimate. The camera zoomed in on the picture of Mr Corbyn to show several shots hit the target

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