After years of sheltering him Ecuador suspends Assanges citizenship

assange ecuador


wikileaks founder julian assange is seen after was arrested by british police . Assanges Ecuadorean citizenship was suspended on Wednesday Foreign Minister Jose Valencia told reporters. Ecuador was not aware of any active extradition requests for Assange before it terminated his asylum Valencia told the national assembly. assange loses bid to have an arrest warrant issued in sweden against him canceled. swedish prosecutors ask to question assange at the ecuadorian embassy. authorities shortly after Ecuadors government withdrew his asylum status. An agitated frail looking Assange with white hair and a white beard was carried out of the embassy by at least seven men to a waiting police van. julian assange been arrested by officers from the metropolitan police service. Its not so much Julian Assange being held hostage in the Ecuadorean embassy its actually Julian Assange holding the Ecuadorean embassy hostage in a situation that was absolutely intolerable for them. Assange was taken into custody at a central London police station and will be brought before Westminster Magistrates Court later

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