Attorneys general say Trump administration withholds key student loan information

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An attorney representing President Donald Trump argued Friday that a request for the presidents tax returns would set a dangerous precedent if granted and that the IRS cannot legally divulge the information. He said requests for tax returns must have a legitimate legislative purpose. Consovoy said that Neals request for Trumps tax information is to damage him politically. Neal is one of only three congressional officials authorized to make a written request to the Treasury secretary for anyones tax returns. Neal asked the IRS on Wednesday to give over six years worth of Mr. As Secretary Mnuchin recently told Congress he is not aware that there has ever been a request for an elected officials tax returns. It would be a gross abuse of power for the majority party to use tax returns as a weapon to attack and intimidate their political opponents. Theyll speak to the attorney general Mr. Trump is personally and illegally profiting from foreign entities

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