New York Attorney Generals Office Hits Back At Trump We Wish He Would Share Our Respect For The Law

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In his tweets Trump acknowledged the internal fighting at the gun rights organization but suggested actions taken by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York Attorney General Letitia James were at the root of its troubles. In a tweet later Monday morning even oppression of sorts. The tweet comes two days after New York AG Letitia James said her office had launched an investigation into the NRA. James did not specify what her office was investigating specificallybut upon her election last year she said shed probe the group to ensure it was following non profit rules. Attorney General Letitia James is focused on enforcing the rule of law. attorney general letitia james is focused on enforcing the rule of law. The first year attorney general instructed the NRA and its affiliated entities to preserve all relevant financial records as part of the probe according to reports

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