Chiefs Tyreek Hill Discusses Sons Abuse With Fiancee In Audio Recording

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The Kansas City Chiefs effectively suspended Tyreek Hill from all team old son. Chiefs general manager Brett Veach read a statement after the conclusion of the first round of the NFL draft that said the team became aware of the recording between Hill and his fiancee in real time just like the general public. Afterward and informed him that Hill would no longer be allowed to work out with the team. The Chiefs are in the midst of voluntary offseason workouts. USA TODAYIf the audiotape is legitimate the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver doesnt belong in the NFL. and late thursday according to the kansas city star. Hill needs to be banished from the league. Hills children old and Hill needs help. Tyreek Hill was named earlier this year in a child abuse investigation involving his son. Local TV station KCTV obtained audio of Hill and his fiancee arguing while in an airport

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