Avengers Endgame Is From a Different Point of View Russos Confirm

avenger endgame


So naturally creating a whole bunch of OTHER Avenge the Fallen posters for their favorite lost characters in pop culture. marvelon tuesday marvel released promotional character posters for the final film in its series. The posters feature both the alive superheroes and those who Raptured when Thanos turned half the worlds population into dust. But at least we got rid of the Star Lord. ThorWe saved the day and everyone who was dust is no longer dust. infinity war finally provided us with thanos story told largely from the mad titans own perspective. Its different tonally than Infinity War and it is told from a different point of view. The Russos teasing a different point of view also raises the question of whether Thanos will be defeated early on. endgame character posters was quickly deflated by the realization that spider man is dead. Sixteen of the 32 superheroes deemed poster worthy by Marvel are no longer with us following the events of Infinity War anyway

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