Avengers Endgame The Realistic Opening Weekend Predictions Box Office

avenger endgame


There are only a few huge movies that snagged ridiculous opening weekend milestones in their first weekend only to top that respective number the next go around. using the first two tim burton batman movies as examples a 9% jump in opening weekend totals from avengers. Using this history were arguably looking at an opening weekend between $230 million and $283 million. endgame tickets went on sale last wednesday morning the effects were chaotic. Well things have grown more impressive with Endgame now taking over the first week presale tickets record. survives thanos snap the fandango presales are outpacing avengers. The trend wont stop there from the looks of things. Not only will the Thursday but showtimes are sold out throughout the weekend. When it comes to Marvel Studios movies and the cast has to tread lightly when it comes to spoilers. endgame which is the culmination of 20 other movies before it

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