Avengers Endgame Theory Says Time Travel May Explain Big MCU Plot Holes

avenger endgame


A strong new theory suggests the Avengers visiting past events could end up explaining some of the less believable moments in MCU history while creating an unexpected kind of time loop. For example the theory references Ant Man and Hank Pym choosing Scott Lang to wear the suit he made. One of the most head Man suit when Hank could have let Hope wear it first. #AvengersEndgame gave The Force Awakens the *snap* as the top sale title in the first 24 hours. Both Fandango and AMC experienced crashes that prevented fans from buying tickets leading to some rather amusing jokes. It will be the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. fandango and atom day advance sales for disneys avengers. The new Avengers movie Thor and Ant marks the conclusion of 22 Marvel films. the force awakens with a global box office of $2. Fandango was backed up but was operational even though many show times for the films opening weekend are already sold out

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