Avengers Endgame TV Spot Showcases the Teams Greatest Weapon

avenger endgame


endgame dubbed no mistakes kids we finally get a look at the avengers greatest weapon in the fight against thanos. In the first few seconds of the TV spot we see Carol Danvers powered up on the lawn of the Avengers Facility at nighttime. In Captain Marvel Carol Danvers spent most of the adventure with a power dampening chip at the base of her neck. Thanos holds Captain Marvel by the neck but Thor saves her. Banner goes over to a weakened Captain Marvel and asks to scan her. heres all the footage for the upcoming movie avengers. endgame movie poster from dolby shows the remaining superheroes including a closer look at warhammers suit. the russo brothers confirmed to mashable in an interview published on sunday that avengers. And although theres no doubt that Lees last cameo will be emotional Endgame is a fitting movie for this farewell. and it wasnt a secret that lees cameos werent over yet confirmed lee would be in avengers

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