21 Jokes About Chris Evans And His Butt In Avengers Endgame

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How she found them exactly isnt answered unless you assume the Wheres Fury? scene at the end of Captain Marvel has already happened before the start of Endgame. After capturing Loki and saving New York the Avengers make Hulk take the stairs back to the bottom of Stark Tower. Especially since Endgame killed off Black Widow making it all but certain that her solo film is a prequel. Were going to see Captain Marvel again for sure. endgame there are spoilers in this post. Walk away from this post!Youve been warned!. when the audience sees thanos again for the first time in avengers. It is here that the supposed idealism which motivated Thanos is revealed to be an illusion and Thanos is identified as a true monster without even the facade of a noble cause to redeem himself. while both thanos and iron man balance egotism with idealism in the beginning iron mans redeeming quality was his willingness to learn from his mistakes. endgame ahead!however the avengers endgame credits paid homage to the team that started it all in a touching and appropriately corny way

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