Avengers Endgame a beginners guide to the biggest Marvel movie ever

avenger endgame


heres all the footage weve seen so far for avengers. endgame movie poster from dolby shows the remaining superheroes including a closer look at warhammers suit. LOS ANGELES Once Scarlett Johansson was a solitary female figure among the manly warriors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And we didnt know or I certainly didnt know how the audience would react to the character to my interpretation of the character. and then the next time that we saw her in avengers. I feel the character has sort of grown in reaction to that. And the movies have really grown in reaction to that kind of fan encouragement. endgame directors beg fans not to spoil film after footage leaked read morei love the avengers. The debate about whos going to make it isnt the loudest one the Marvel films have inspired among fans its the diversity debate thats steadily been getting louder. We owe this to everyone whos not in this room; to try and shes right

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