Avengers Endgame And Time Travel Why It All Makes Perfect Sense

avenger endgame


endgame is already setting its sights on another breathtaking result next weekend by potentially assembling a $2 billion worldwide box office total. 775 billion on the lowest end to potentially making a run at $2+ billion by Sunday. Even a modest performance might be worth $25 35 million for Endgame which could help it move closer toward $2. marvel studioswhich puts it within eyesight of avatars all time box office record of $2. a figure that includes avatars rerelease box office with its original release generating $2. Box office figures and tallies based on data via Box Office Mojo and TheNumbers. So why not Black Widow?And Black Widow chooses to kill herself so that Hawkeye can be with his family again after the Avengers get all the stones and save trillions of lives. A Black Widow origin story or something would be an exceptionally strange concept to roll with after shes dead in the present. Remember so while on the quest to find Black Widow they could interact with past versions of her. The scene is brief in a movie thats three hours long but it marks the first time an openly gay character has appeared in a Marvel film

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