Avengers Endgame Fan Assaults Dominos Co Worker For Revealing Spoilers

avenger endgame


Please try again laterLooks like we are having a problem on the server. a dominos restaurant employee was written a citation after friendswood police say he assaulted a co worker for revealing an avengers. early Sunday evening after an assault was reported. Justin Surface was issued a citation for assault by contact after police said he attacked a fellow pizza store employee. Its really hard to imagine that someone lost their cool after spoiling a movie but it seems thats how intense it was for this Dominos employee. Thats hilarious one Dominos customer said. endgame spoiler leads fast worker but she said of course i will see the movie anyway. lets take a closer look at howard the duck in avengers. On Sunday user BoneDaddy2224 posted that Howard the Duck had a cameo in Endgame and proved it with a screenshot. police were called to a texas dominos after an employee allegedly attacked a co worker for giving away spoilers to avengers

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