Avengers Endgame Is Not LGBT Friendly Enough Fat Shames Thor Sjws Claim

avenger endgame


MCU actresses have talked about the rumors about a possible all female Avengers movie in the past. captain marvel was the first marvel film to have a female co director. by the way kudos to disney and marvel for successfully getting a huge series finale bump despite arguably selling avengers. endgame leapfrogged over the $258 million opening weekend of avengers. but this summer everyone is seeing avengers. endgame reviewmy ranking of all 22 mcu moviesan unrelated essay about will smiths recent movie star struggles. Thors hair is longer and overall kind of unkempt looking. But while some saw Thors beard as a thirst trap of sorts others were less than thrilled with the new look. And naturally some fans have been drawing pop culture comparisons between Thors beard and other film characters. It blew the doors off the parameters of what is possible for the box office for a film thats highly anticipated a box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations

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