Avengers Endgame Is Overwhelmingly Epic and Immensely Satisfying

avenger endgame


endgame and ends the year long cliffhanger of avengers. endgame is everything youve ever dreamed a marvel movie could be. infinity war complicated main story centers on that. Even with a hiccup here and there Endgame works thanks also to its technical mastery. No but it is a fine and satisfying finale for whats come. It doesnt make a ton of internal sense suffers from narrative claustrophobia and the action leaves a little to be desired. Truth be told its mostly an excuse to revisit some greatest hit moments and offer a surprise cameo or two. Vague spoilers but the film does successfully balance showing off Brie Larsons Captain Marvel and her cosmic powers without making her a glorified Deus ex Machina. as a definitive ending to the ongoing marvel cinematic universe saga avengers. there are the mildest of spoilers below for avengers

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