How the Cast of Avengers Endgame Is Almost Closer Than Family

avenger endgame


Making movies can be a very disjointed experience but the film marked the end of uniquely familial experience. It doesnt feel like family to me because we all really get along well. Theres not that much drama joked Mark Ruffalo at the Endgame press conference in Los Angeles Sunday. as fans we think about how incredible the experience of. endgame will be a marvel movie to end all marvel movies. In that scene before the confrontation and bring everyone back. Carol is ready to get into action and get the stones right away gaining Captain Americas approval of the plan. But could it really be as simple as just getting the Infinity Stones and using them to bring back everyone who disappeared in the snap?. endgame movie poster from dolby shows the remaining superheroes including a closer look at warhammers suit. We owe it to everyone not in this room to try

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