Is Lila Barton The Next Hawkeye Endgame Could Be Setting Up Clints Daughter As A Future Avenger

avenger endgame


weve spent the past year crying about what happened at the end of avengers. Every single entry in the franchise has had something along those lines an incentive to wait through the credits for something extra. There is a sort of small Easter egg for fans who do stay to the end of the credits. so when it came to the sound of avengers. Infinity War and Endgame both build up to characters changing the universe with a snap of their fingers. 6 million on friday giving it the second opening friday. this article contains major spoilers for avengers. a youth pastor just spoiled one of the biggest moments in avengers. 2 billion in its opening weekend giving it the biggest opening weekend of all time. Its been a week while trying to mitigate the crisis he just single handedly created

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