The Redstate Box Office Report There Is Some Movie Released Called Avengers Endgame Apparently

avenger endgame


Endgame set a new weekend record in China where it made $330. endgame trailer shatters viewing recordsfor an industry dogged by uncertainty over the growing role of streaming the weekend was a mammoth display of the movie theaters lucrative potency. endgame premierebut theater owners regularly speak of a halo effect around a movie like endgame. It feels like a movie that was at first made independent of the MCU and then had MCU ties grafted onto it. ant man may be the mcu movie i was the least excited about. the training montage that culminates with an actual mission to break into avengers hq is incredibly well edited and fun!its also really really funny. ragnarokto say this is the best thor movie isnt saying enough. But if theres a place in box office coverage for whoa it is perhaps here. 5 million astounding if it does say so itself. According to box office site Box Office Mojo the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now a 22 film series thats about to pass $20 billion internationally

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