Who Is Still Alive After Avengers Infinity War A Refresher Before Endgame

avenger endgame


We are in the pop culture endgame right now. The last thing they want is for someone to take away that all encompassing moment where everything unfolds right before your eyes. Lifehacker suggests that you have the site work for you by muting keywords or other keywords that might appear in a spoiler. others spout off their own theories on you could be making your own bed. infinity war grossing 490million the biggest global opening of all time. The characters with the most screen time in Endgame are those who survived Infinity War. Fortnite EpicThe last time we had an Avengers crossover event with Fortnite for Infinity War but no permanent Marvel character skins. Players will load up the game today to find the first official other than the generic NFL team ones. The Fortnite Widow skin is not really the Johansson version of the character from Endgame. We dont know if Black Widow is a skin thats going to come back around often given that its a specific tie in to this event

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