Avengers 4 Box Office How Disney And Marvel Are Leaving Money On The Table

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first a movie that runs 33 minutes longer than avengers. Releasing a three hour Avengers movie means fewer tickets sold in the short term. infinity war would have remained the same since the thanos wins cliffhanger was integral to the storytelling. Thats one day less than a year following Infinity War which has given folks perhaps too much time to mull over how the superheroes can defeat Thanos after he murdered half the universe. Hence the abundance of fan made posters and fan theories one of which simply wont die. Its a revolting theory but its banality drives at the heart of how people are overthinking everything about the MCU. At issue is how Ant Man resurfaced in the first Endgame trailer after skipping out on Infinity War. the first avengersteve rogers undergoes a dangerous experimental procedure during world war ii to turn him into a super soldier. The orb is another Infinity Stone and reality. To defeat Ultron synthetic being powered by the scepters gem revealed to be another Infinity Stone

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