Beto ORourke 2020 What to know about the punk rocker turned presidential candidate

beto rourke


coming saturday in his home state of delaware. ORourke is a well off white man in a year the party base may not value such attributes. its an odd combination to consider as a political vulnerability but one he is conceding. And as Obama himself learned in time the idea of him may not match the realities revealed by a campaign. as captain marvel continues to tear up the box office a new trailer for avengers. Near the end of the footage the Avengers assemble wearing fancy new armor as Tony Stark and Nebula are seen with the team back on Earth. The trailer ends with the reveal of Carol Danvers who is not wearing her Captain Marvel suit. Captain Marvel features prominently on the new poster for the film released on Thursday. Katie Glueck is a senior national political correspondent at McClatchy D. Her work has also appeared in publications including The Wall Street Journal Town & Country magazine and The Austin American Statesman

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