Flashback Joe Biden Discussed Steele Dossier In Secret Oval Office Meeting With Coup Plotters Before Trump Inauguration

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Joe Biden appears to be the Dem 2020 front runner he should be called in to testify about this secret meeting and what he knew about the dossier and the FBIs targeting of Donald Trump. on trumps remarks in the aftermath of charlottesville biden said. so #charlottesville are we all in agreement that joe biden using our personal tragedy as the backdrop for starting his 2020 bid issort of gross?. President Trump had a message and a reaction to Joe Bidens entry into the 2020 presidential race. Yet it seems like Trump would rather run against Biden the one candidate closest in age to himself. so i have to ask sort of like hillary clinton endorsed trump?the clinton campaign did what it could to ensure trump got maximum airtime on liberal media. We will see how Trump continues to react to Biden who didnt take it easy on the president. The early 2020 presidential polls look challenging for Donald Trump if he were to end up facing Joe Biden for his re election. Many polls have shown Democratic candidates leading Trump but mostly within the margin of error and not as large as the lead Biden showed this week. But the biggest concern for Donald Trump could be Joe Bidens performance among groups that have typically made up Trumps base of white working class voters

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