Joe Biden Faces Backlash From Both Sides After He Perpetuates Charlottesville Smear Against Trump

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The same day he announced his campaign stopping in Delaware before a fundraiser headed by Sen. Between those two dates Nevada and South Carolina key states in the Democratic primary. The RNC said in a statement that Pennsylvanias unemployment rate just hit a record low thanks to President Trumps leadership on policies like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The top candidates for either party have usually cemented their leads by that time making the Pennsylvania primary day far less consequential than the day of the general election itself. With 20 candidates in the race Biden is trying to re create as much of the Obama political coalition as possible and perhaps add some new voters. Biden did not secure Obamas endorsement but his role as the wingman and attack dog for the first black president is seldom far from his lips. But progressives were quick to criticize Biden for concentrating on Trump. on trumps remarks in the aftermath of charlottesville biden said. so #charlottesville are we all in agreement that joe biden using our personal tragedy as the backdrop for starting his 2020 bid issort of gross?

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