Van Jones Biden Put A Banana Peel In Front Of Trump And

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This morning responding to reporters questions about Charlottesville Trump said I was talking about people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to Robert E. Hes given aid and comfort to some of the worst people in the country some of the worst people in the history of the world. He continued who can beat Donald Trump?Joe Biden just sucked him into the worst possible position he could be in and did it effortlessly. He added I dont think Donald Trump knows how to deal with Joe Biden. Joe Biden knows how to deal with Donald Trump. jumping into the race the former vice president reflects a democratic party anxious to stop trump from winning another term. # p #2_8 # ad skipped = NULL #People were there protesting the taking down of the monument of Robert E. # p #3_8 # ad skipped = NULL #White House advisor Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNNs Michael Smerconish Show Saturday to try explain the Presidents comments. # p #4_8 # ad skipped = NULL #The President said racism is evil Conway claimed. # p #6_8 # ad skipped = NULL #You want to revisit the way Joe Biden wants to re visit in an odd pivot

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