Billionaire Chris Clines Helicopter Spun Out Of Control Before Fatal Bahamas Crash

billionaire helicopter


The helicopter flying coal magnate Chris Cline a report released Wednesday said. The NTSB report mentions two people were sick but did not identify them. He founded his coal mining company a company he eventually merged that with Murray Energy. He also donated $5 million to Marshall University in Huntington his alma mater. Chris Cline speaks as Marshall University dedicates the new indoor practice facility as the Chris Cline Athletic Complex in Huntington W. west virginia coal billionaire and philanthropist chris cline died in a helicopter crash near the bahamas on thursday the governor said. After liftoff the helicopter began spinning out of control. A witness estimated that the helicopter rotated to the left three to four times. They will continue to evaluate the flight recorder and wreckage with a final report including probable cause completed within two years

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