The Four Overtime Slog Between The Nuggets And Trail Blazers Caused An NBA Y2k

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Paul Millsaps hook shot with 27 seconds left gave the Nuggets the edge. 7 seconds left and Jokic missed an off pointer at the buzzer. Instead the numbers were just later updated to show that CJ McCollum played for 60 minutes and Nikola Jokic played for 64. Those numbers are impressive in their own right but even more impressive is what the box score doesnt show. mccollums 60 minutes dont point out that when he was asked about how tired he was after the game he told espn that he felt fine. The NBAs app was unable to register this many minutes played initially as most games end after 48 minutes. Both Jokic and McCollum broke 60 minutes played in the fourth overtime which the NBAs official app seemed unable to compute. The glitch left Jokic and McCollum with gaudy statlines. Jokic finished with fourth most minutes played in a playoff in NBA history with 65. Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets could use the kind of break everybody else is getting in the second round of the NBA playoffs

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