Your Blood Absorbs Chemicals In Sunscreen

blood sunscreen


A new FDA study shows ingredients in sunscreen may enter your bloodstream after applying it. Nazanin Saedi encourages people to still use sunscreen and offers more ways to protect you from harmful sun rays. These products are used to prevent skin cancer said study coauthor Dr. Theresa Michele director of the division of nonprescription drug products at the FDA. Its very important from a public health perspective that people use them especially as skin cancer rates are increasing. Right now we know that there are benefits from these products and we dont know if there are any harms. FDA researchers emphasize that they want people to continue using sunscreen reports Live Science. Just because they are absorbed doesnt mean they are unsafe study coauthor Dr. The results also suggest the chemicals accumulate in the blood as sunscreen is reapplied. But it is one of the first to precisely examine levels of sunscreen chemicals in peoples blood when the products are used as directed and its one of the first to examine how long the chemicals stay in the blood

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