Border patrol chief says crisis is at a breaking point as 1000 migrants cross into US in El Paso on Monday alone

border migrant


6 million people trying to cross illegally between ports. That figure referred to by the government as inadmissible. Some of the families apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley area would be given notices to appear in court. Others will be released on their own recognizance meaning they have a court date but no set bond amount. Rio Grande City agents patrolling near Sullivan City according to information provided by Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol officials. Todays massive migration is made up largely of Central American families all seeking asylum. McAleenan insisted that the only solution to the crisis at the border lies with Congress. The increasingly difficult situation is posing new challenges for agents who need to immediately take care of the migrants McAleenan said. But with these numbers I fear that its just a matter of time

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