Pentagon Officials Identify 128 Billion Available For The Border Wall David Harris Jr

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Lawmakers have accused Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan of staying quiet on what military projects could be raided to finance barriers on the southern border. 9 billion in unobligated military construction funds that could be raided to build more barriers on the U. Mexico border as part of President Donald Trumps national emergency. The move comes after Democrats accused Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan of stonewalling lawmakers on whether military projects in their states are at risk. the pentagon says it wont raid military housing and other projects that have been awarded or with fiscal. Half of Americans with 42 percent opposed. Even if the money is diverted for the wall Smith said. 8 billion in funds from projects that can be reallocated to the construction of a wall on the U. 6 billion from the military construction budget to the border wall. 7 billion for a border wall requested by the Department of Homeland Security

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