Another Trump border program thwarted by federal judge because of the law and reality

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The plan was to arrest border crossing parents the vast majority of whom were exercising a legal right to seek asylum and charge them with a crime something previous administrations did not generally do. All of this was aimed at imposing draconian punishment on those who arrived at the border to serve as a warning to others who might follow. Mexico border on Friday with Trump to participate in a roundtable with border officers and local law enforcement. As they toured a section of newly rebuilt barriers introducing him to local officials. During the government shutdown over Trumps insistence for funding for a border wall Nielsens standing inside the White House appeared to rise. Ill tell you something Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. Then Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo last year requiring that all immigrants entering the country illegally would be prosecuted. to release child immigrants after 20 days. A liberal activist judge in San Francisco ruled the United States and Mexico cant work together to address asylum issues at the border. Its sad that Mexico is now doing more to secure our border than Democrats President Trump will do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe

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