Trump Everybody Acknowledges I Was Correct on the Border

border trump


Dissuaded from closing the border the Post says. Though his aides have taken the fall the president is facing an existential political crisis ahead of his 2020 re election bid over the prospect of failure on his top domestic priority. Curbing immigration is a defining issue for Trump now and in his 2020 campaign told the Post. He needs to be seen by voters as having done every conceivable thing he can possibly do. Everybody is now acknowledging that Trump tweeted. Most of them were either families or children traveling alone. A large majority of American voters trust Democrats more than Republicans to come up with real solutions to the countrys immigration problems. According to a new report from the AP House Democrats will soon introduce legislation to deal with the recent waves of Central American migrants reaching the border. Democrats Are Proposing Realistic SolutionsIn short Democrats plan to propose their own solutions. It appears that through his extreme actions and words Donald Trump has created a political opening for Democrats in the 2020 elections

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