White House Trump Would Let Trucks Cross Mexican Border If It Closes

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Mexico border over the immigration issue. Avocado prices could easily double or triple if we shut down the border told Bloomberg. Trump told reporters last Friday that unless Mexico takes action to limit undocumented migrants crossing the border into the U. Closing the border to score political points is reckless and would cost American businesses along the border millions of dollars Harris tweeted Saturday. An enormous amount of truck borne freight crosses the southern border of the United States every day. More than one third of all parts used in automobile plants in the United States come from Mexico and you cant sell incomplete cars. Allowing goods to flow across the border and limiting the shutdown to people would still have serious economic consequences. Newt Gingrich is pretty concerned about President Trumps threat to close the border pleading with him not to do so on Fox & Friends. The former House speaker and usual Trump ally on Wednesday spoke about the presidents recent threats to close the U. border with Mexico entirely really bad idea

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