Brazils Bolsonaro will visit on March 19 White House

brazil bolsonaro


Brazils President Jair Bolsonaro gestures during a ceremony to mark the International Womens Day at Planalto Palace in Brasilia . President Donald Trump the White House said in a statement. Bolsonaro is a far right former army captain who openly admires Trump. Since taking power as the leader of the OPEC member nation. The United States has also recognized Guaido as president and called on others to do the same. They are expected to discuss the turmoil in Venezuela. Bolsonaro also plans to eliminate all LGBTQ content from schools. Journalist Glenn Greenwald made note of the unfortunate timing of the visit. Paulo had been recorded saying she wanted to ruin the life of Bolsonaros son and impeach the president. The scandal involves alleged irregular payments to Flavio Bolsonaro Michelle Bolsonaro

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