UK weather Northern Lights could be visible from parts of Britain during chilly weekend

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The Met Office said the phenomenon could appear in skies in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Northern Lights are created by disturbances in Earths magnetosphere the region of space surrounding earth where the earths magnetic field dominates that of space. Whether or not you will see the Northern Lights depends on where you are and what the weather is like. Latest forecast availableAs well as predicting the lights the Met Office has forecast a cool weekend ahead. As parts of the UK brace for gales a sizzling u turn in the weather awaits after the weekend. Warm air from North Africa will sweep across Spain into the UK driven by high pressure set to build over the country. the trend next week will be towards more settled conditions as high pressure becomes established across the country. Britain will swelter in a six pressure arrives to northern Britain giving the weather another shake up. HEAVY snow and strong gusts hitting 70mph will lash regions of the UK tonight before subzero temperatures plunge the nation into a deep freeze over the weekend. The Met Office has warned of a lively night in Scotland tonight s colder temperatures take hold according to the latest weather forecast

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