LA officials call for boycott of Brunei owned hotels

brunei boycott


Can an actor sway Hollywood to boycott hotels over Bruneis antigay laws?LOS ANGELES The Beverly Hills Hotel has long been a refuge where Hollywood could both hide and show its true self. A tropical nation roughly half the size of Los Angeles County Brunei is wedged between two Malaysian states on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. Joe Mozingo Shashank Bengali and Ben Poston are Los Angeles Times writers. the beverly hills hotel is another brunei owned hotel. The call to boycott the fabled Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel Air came after the sultanate announced plans to implement the death penalty for gay sex and adultery. As a citywide elected official LA Controller Ron Galperin said in a statement. Ellen DeGeneres joined George Clooney and Elton Johns call for a boycott of the Dorchester Collection after Brunei announced it would implement a death by stoning punishment for gay sex. tomorrow the country of #brunei will start stoning gay people to death. Please boycott these hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Ellen DeGeneres has added her voice to the growing number of celebrities calling for a boycott of the luxury hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei

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