Mnuchin Says Budget Deal With Pelosi Is Very Close

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Monday the Trump administration and Congress were getting close to a deal on raising the U. He said there was a preference in both parties to agree on the debt ceiling increase and a budget pact. Without a budget deal across board spending cuts that most Republicans and Democrats want to avoid or partial government shutdowns. Mnuchin said all parties wanted to reach a deal on budget issues along with the debt ceiling. hardliners in the White House as lawmakers pursue a deal on federal spending and the debt. Now especially because of the need to increase the governments borrowing cap. Both have long histories with Capitol Hills appropriations process the painstakingly bipartisan and pragmatic job of annually divvying up the one third of the federal budget allocated by Congress each year. Nancy PelosiDonald Trump has already destroyed the moral full faith and credit of the United States with the rest of the world. Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have to set that aside and try to figure out how to stop him from doing that fiscally. Pelosi and Mnuchin have been talking regularly but pushing hard for pay fors for the increases in domestic spending Pelosi is insisting upon

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