Female students at top university call for end to vile chants and sexist abuse by male sports teams

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Pope Francis removed Errazuriz last year from his informal Cabinet after he became embroiled in the Catholic Churchs scandal. The 85 year old cardinal walked into the prosecutors office in Santiago on Thursday with the help of a cane. Chilean abuse survivors have long accused Errazuriz and his successor in the Chilean capital of protecting predator priests and discrediting victims. Women at a leading university have demanded an end to degrading violating and hurtful sexist chants and abuse by male sport teams. Female students at the London School of Economics published a letter highlighting unpunished misogynistic behaviour and sexual assaults. Their open letter refers to a vile chant by LSEs mens rugby team called My Girlfriends a Vegetable. we are deeply concerned by the allegations in the open letter. Advocates for victims of child sex abuse urged lawmakers to lift the statute of limitations for reporting abuse. There was a walk to the State House Thursday in Annapolis on behalf of child sex abuse victims who cannot charge their abusers because they waited too long to report them. Theresa Lancaster was 40 old before she came forward as a victim of child sex abuse

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