Gang rape victim sexually abused by cop after going to police station to report the crime in latest vile sex affront to rock Pakistan

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A WOMAN who was allegedly gang raped has accused a police officer of also raping her when she went to report the crime. The alleged victim claims the officer took her to a house in Ahmedpur according to reports. The woman from Uch Sharif claims she went to the police station in Ahmedpur to report being gang raped by two men. A former coach with the Chicago Fire junior soccer team has been arrested on charges that he tried to trick young female players into having sex with him and inappropriately touched a player. The Chicago Tribune reports that prosecutors allege 49 old Fernando Calderon suggested to players that having sex with him would make them more flexible for soccer and rubbed a girls chest under the guise of measuring it. Officials with the youth club of the professional adult Chicago Fire soccer club notified parents that Calderon has been dismissed as a coach. It wasnt immediately known if Caldron has an attorney. Officials said they discovered electronic evidence showing Yetmans alleged bestiality with a retired police dog. He was charged with 20 felony counts of performing sexual acts with an animal and 24 counts of filming the acts

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