Michael Jacksons Alleged Sexual Abuse Was Enabled By A Huge Network Of People Says Sheryl Crow

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A victim of child sexual abuse has revealed how she was forced into prostitution in order to eat food whilst living in a care home in Nottingham. Things got progressively worse when she had to earn her food in another care home she was staying in. Due to the nature of the abuse Claire had been granted anonymity. During her time on the This Morning sofa Claire was joined by former police detective turned child abuse campaigner Maggie Oliver who commended her for speaking out. A Des Moines man appeared in court Monday after police charged him with sexual crimes against children. Police charged Lewis with second degree sexual abuse assault with intent for sexual abuse and two counts of enticing away a minor. Per The Guardian American musician Sheryl Crow appears to believe the accusations against Jackson and suggests that the music industry and people around Jackson enabled him. He claims that the coverup of Jacksons abuse is akin to the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal. The 36 old dancer believes that employees of Jacksons companies were aware of the abuse and knowingly let it continue. He also claims that Jacksons employees didnt step in because Jackson was too powerful to be controlled

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