Police And Family Services Forced Christian Navy Vets Family Apart For 7 Months Following Faux Accusation Of Sexual Abuse Now Hes Suing

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This material may not be published rewritten or redistributed. The teacher called family services to report the childs allegation. Lowther told Reason that he is filing a lawsuit against the proper authorities over the harrowing case. Officials from the sheriffs office and the family services department did not comment on the case. Lowther told Reason that he was heartbroken over the incident. the crime branch cid of the tamil nadu police has added section 376. The agency has altered the original FIR in the case to bring in the offence of rape and trafficking. Rape charge added to Pollachi case; in camera proceedings likelyWe will never reveal the identity of the victims. We are on the lookout for one more person involved in the case a CB CID official told The Hindu on Thursday

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