Rebekah Vardy still struggles and feels guilty years after sexual abuse as a child

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Rebekah Vardy has opened up about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child admitting she still struggles to cope and sometimes feels guilty that she did not bring a case against her abuser. The 37 old spoke out on This Morning in a bid to dispel misconceptions around sexual abuse. When Perrault and John Doe #8 arrived at the centre knelt down and prayed. Prosecutors called John Doe #8 and the other men as witnesses to show Perraults alleged propensity for molesting boys. Perrault is listed on the Santa Fe Archdioceses list of clergy members who have been credibly accused of abuse. The first two sentences are to run consecutively. Taylor testified he consumed several beers while the girl was under his care but could not recall what happened to her the night of her death

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