Why Cdl Marx is wrong in thinking sexual freedom is answer to clerical abuse crisis

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ninevmsthe south african born swimming teacher and sydney university sports science student was arrested at his parents balgowlah home last week and was on wednesday granted bail by manly local court ahead of his trial. Mr Daniels barrister said his client strongly denies the charges. A Romanian singer who fled his home country to escape homophobic abuse has revealed how he was left feeling suicidal after being sexually abused and robbed while sleeping rough in London. Very wealthy people would come to the parks late at night and abuse me physically and sexually he said. He was abused while sleeping rough in parks by men he saidI was a very easy target and felt like prey to them. Constantin said he was also robbed while sleeping rough leaving him with absolutely nothing. Scout leaders and people involved in the entertainment industry all have come to grief over the sexual abuse of either minors or adults. The problem is that for many people the connection between the ideal of celibacy and abuse is obvious. The literature is rich with information about the negative impact of pornography for the violent and sexually violent offender. Cardinal Marx clings to the idea that sexual freedom is the answer to the problem of priests taking sexual liberties but there is no lack of other avenues to explore

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