Mark Ruffalo Kindness Is Irrelevant Until Bush Is Brought To Justice

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Thank you for this important reminder Ellen!I have friends who dont think the same things that i do. When I say be kind to one another I dont mean be kind to the people who think the same way you do. Actor Mark Ruffalo was shredded for double standards after he posted a callout tweet assailing George Bush for the sins of the Iraq War with many netizens noting his aversion to slamming Barack Obamas military adventures. mark ruffalo noting the several occasions former first lady michelle obama posed affectionately with bush without facing a similar wave of outrage from figures like ruffalo. But DeGeneres plea for kindness towards George W. Bush didnt sit well with audiences Ruffalo. The alleged crimes that Ruffalo mentioned in his tweet likely referred which took place during the Iraq war. Mark Ruffalo is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the controversy over Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush and his take is a little different from some of the others in Hollywood. More people need to understand that George Bush was a detriment to mankind even if not as outlandish as Trump

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