Olivia Newton John uses cannabis to treat her stage 4 breast cancer

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Olivia Newton John says shes using cannabis to treat the pain caused by her stage four breast cancer following her devastating diagnosis. Olivia Newton John says she uses cannabis to treat her stage 4 breast cancer. Analysing breast cancer data from a major cancer genome patient database known as CBX2. Previous studies have shown that most healthy female tissue has low levels of CBX2 activity Mar said. So we switched off the gene in a human breast cancer cell line and this slowed down the growth of those cancer cells suggesting that CBX2 might promote tumour growth. If further tests confirmed that CBX2 was an oncogene Mar said. But she remains anxious about the possibility of the cancer returning and wants to see greater awareness of the risks associated with breast implants. Low deductible plans researchers reported. Delays also occurred at the diagnosis and testing stages according to the research published in Health Affairs. Wharam said that cancer screenings and this is where the delays mount

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