NovigeniXs New Early Colon Cancer Detection Blood Test Demonstrates Positive Results

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dana center trial during a session today at the european society for medical oncology. The new test looks for DNA which cancer cells shed into the bloodstream when they die. The new test zeroes in on portions of the genome where abnormal methylation patterns are found in cancer cells. Our previous work indicated that methylation Farber. 4 percent of cases identified as cancer was correctly spotted meaning just 0. 6 percent of cases were misdiagnoses of healthy patients. The test was able to detect one quarters of those with stage two disease. Ministers have pledged to speed diagnosis so that by 2028 three quarters of cancer patients are diagnosed at these two stages. The advances which can indicate different types of cancer. A new ultrasound technology that could pick up far more cases of cancer and cut the need for biopsies has been developed by scientists

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