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However with national hate speech laws meaning the hosts comments could constitute a chargeable offense. legislation?however there is a big difference between the possibility of a charge and the likelihood of a charge under canadas hate speech laws. There has to have been a careful strategy to say I am going to promote hatred against this group by using hate speech. For instance every other day a headline will break about female teachers sleeping with an underage student to little or no outrage from the mainstream left. In that light its interesting to me that only when Carlson made light of it did the left seem to go into conniptions. Oddly enough were still not seeing a national mainstream movement to get these female teachers to stop sleeping with underage students. Its also difficult for me to take the lefts outrage about Carlsons comments about on sexual assault seriously when the pushers of the #MeToo movement suddenly stop being so concerned when its their own. That was followed by back back incidents involving two of Foxs most politically unyielding hosts Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson. Those that have already walked include Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Outback Steakhouse and Peloton. Where have I heard sweaty white men yelling about being replaced? Bee asked

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