ed in cable news tuesday night amid backlash

carlson tucker


I would be honored if he would cane me the way I cane my workers my servants. When the programs host asked Carlson if he thought that would present legal issues Carlson said that Lopez gets a pass. Shed probably be a pretty good wife Carlson remarked in another part of the audio. tucker carlson tonight placed first overall in total audience defeating fellow fox show hannity. and msnbcs the rachel maddow show which drew 2. Carlson also saw increases in both his total viewership and demo audience from Monday night when he drew 2. dog organization media matters range from inappropriate to deeply troubling. carlson calls women extremely primitive and expresses contrarian opinions about a polygamist religious sect that are too much even for the love sponge. Obviously the people here dont think that everythings fine. Conservative writer Max Boot on Tuesday joined the voices of those calling for Carlsonto be ousted from his network writing an op ed for the Washington Post demanding that he leave immediately

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