Fox Friends host calls out people trying to seek and destroy Tucker Carlson

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Conservative writer Max Boot on Tuesday joined the voices of those calling for Carlson to be ousted from his network writing an op ed for the Washington Post demanding that he leave immediately. Pointedly it will prove it has lower standards than Breitbart. is Sharia compliant because she wears a traditional hijab head covering. Carlson has been under fire since the liberal activist group Media Matters for America on Sunday night released recordings of comments he made during appearances on a radio show in which he disparaged sex workers in Florida and described women as being primitive. Fox & Friends co host Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday called out people trying to seek and destroy fellow network host Tucker Carlson over a series of derogatory remarks he made about women and minorities years ago. Kilmeade made the statement during a Fox & Friends segment in which a roundtable of panelists condemned what they called a movement in America of people trying to destroy those with whom they disagree. Audio released by the organization on Monday revealed that Carlson made disparaging remarks about minorities as well. Carlson has so far refused to apologize for his past statements saying on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday that he would never bow to the mob. Due to the inappropriate statements of Tucker Carlson that have recently come to light according to The Hollywood Reporter. Its a shock jock radio program; youre supposed to be ridiculous

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