Tucker Carlson Continues to Have a No Good Very Bad Week The Mary Sue

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The liberal advocacy group Media Matters for America this week released two batches of recordings Carlson made as a guest on a radio show where he made denigrating remarks about race and gender. Carlson says critics want to shut Fox down. But now Leftist and their media counterparts have a new plan. On Wednesday The Washington Post published an article trying to claim the young woman who works for Media Matters and discovered the tapes is the so called powerful bully Carlson claimed to be the victim of. Lets not pretend that what Carlson said wasnt offensive but the point of shock jocks is to be offensive. Carlson had planned to buy an old town garage near his vacation home and transform it into a studio. In applying to turn the garage into his studio Carlson told Bryant Pond town that he had spent virtually every summer of my life at nearby Lake Christopher. tucker carlsons show is getting great ratings as people who dont usually. There were six national sponsors for Tucker Carlson Tonight and four commercial breaks. bayer has run multiple ads on tuckers show

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