Joe Biden Mocks China Threat As He Continues Presidential Run No Competition For Us

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presidential hopeful makes bizarre claimthe former vice president made an astonishing claim that the us has nothing to fear from china despite the current cyberhacking allegations. Mr Biden claimed that during his time as Vice President under Barrack Obama that he had met virtually every world leader in the world. Due to that experience Mr Biden concluded that he knew that the US would not have anything to fear from Beijing. china is going to eat our lunch?read more. Mitt Romney called out 2020 presidential candidate Joe Bidens skepticism of Chinas power. biden is skeptical of the threat of competition from china. Biden added that then candidate Romney had an apparent determination to take U. Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden were ushered into Beijing on a red carpet with a delegation of Chinese officials. From there Joe went straight into meetings with the vice president of China and President Xi Jinping. Does he counter it because he believes China is on weaker footing?

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